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John Hancock, The Man Behind the Signature

A look back at the life of John Hancock

John Hancocks friends and foes
A look back at the life of John Hancock
What If?
Top 10 reasons why John Hancock thought independence was necessary
Theories on how John Hancock inherited his powers


When John's uncle died, he was left a great inheritance. With all this money he rose to the top of Boston society and became a very popular and powerful man.


Around the same time that he inherited his uncle's wealth, he also inherited a great superpower that helped the Americans win the Revolution. He inherited the Signature of Death which was similar to the mob's Kiss of Death. If Hancock signed to your death, you were about to die. Whenever John saw injustice, he used his quill as a weapon of justice and righteousness. This quill would come in handy later in his life.


The evil Brits came to capture Hancock and Sam Adams at Lexington. Not many people know that John Hancock wanted to stay behind and fight the evil Brits. He was persuaded not to by Sam Adams because Adams knew that Hancock was such a great leader. Hancock and Adams escaped to the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia.


John Hancock was the first person to sign the Declaration of Indepenence, and this was the omen that signaled the end of British rule in the American colonies.