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John Hancock, The Man Behind the Signature

What If?
John Hancocks friends and foes
A look back at the life of John Hancock
What If?
Top 10 reasons why John Hancock thought independence was necessary
Theories on how John Hancock inherited his powers

Here are some what if scenarios involving John Hancock.

What if John Hancock had fought at Lexington, like he wanted to do?


When the evil Brits came to capture Hancock and Sam Adams, Hancock wanted to stay behind and fight. Sam Adams convivnced John Hancock to escape and not risk his life. If he had, the whole Revolution may have been different. If Hancock had fought and died, the Revolution would have lost one of it's key leaders and a major funder. Without his Signature of Death on the Declaration of Independence, the evil Brits may have never been defeated. The British would still be occupying America and we would all speak in a British accent.

What if John Hancock hadn't signed the Declaration of Independence?


The odds were definetely stacked up against the colonists.  The British had the mightiest empire in the entire world, yet somehow they found a way to defeat them.  The colonists won independence because John Hancock's Signature of Death was on their side.  If he hadn't signed the Declaration, could the colonists have truly won?  Without help from a superhero like John Hancock, how could an un-organized, outnumbered group of colonists defeat the mightiest country in the world?  They probably couldn't have defeated the British without superhero help, and John Hancock was the superhero that saved the day.  His 11 letter signature on the Declaration of Independence was what saved the colonists from almost certain defeat at the hands of the evil Brits.