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John Hancock, The Man Behind the Signature

John Hancocks friends and foes
John Hancocks friends and foes
A look back at the life of John Hancock
What If?
Top 10 reasons why John Hancock thought independence was necessary
Theories on how John Hancock inherited his powers

John Hancock had many powerful friends and some horrible enemies


Sam Adams
Sam Adams was among the patriots who helped to convert Hancock (and his money) to the revolutionary cause. The evil Brits came to Lexington and tried to capture Sam Adams and Hancock, but they escaped and the Revolution had begun.


Sam Adams

John Adams

John Adams was one of John Hancock's best friends. Having such a powerful friend helped Hancock gain respect from other prominent figures of the Revolution.


John Adams

Foes (not worthy of pictures)

Francis Bernard

Francis Bernard, the evil Royal Governor of Massachusetts, didn't treat the mighty John Hancock with the respect that he deserved to be treated with. When the Massachusetts General Court recommended that John Hancock join the Governor's council, the evil Francis Bernard didn't allow him to join. Bernard, being the evil, corrupt, British-loving man that he was, had a personal vendetta against Hancock becasue he didn't approve of Hancock smuggling in non-British goods.

King George

King George was the evil tyrant that started the Revolution. All the taxes that King George imposed took a lot of money out of Hancock's pocket. The trend of the colonies was to hate King George, and John Hancock was a very trendy man. Smuggling in non-British goods was a great way for Hancock to annoy the evil tyrant that was King George.


top 10 reasons why John Hancock thought independence was necessary

theories on how John Hancock inherited his powers